Gonna Race

I know it may be hard to believe, but it’s early August, and I haven’t taken part in a single race yet this year, and I’m not really sure why. I really like racing. I enjoy the competitive spirit at events, and it’s always fun to see how I do against others, as well as how I fare against myself. It’s also fun to be part of such a charged atmosphere. I literally experience my hair standing on end as I wait at the starting line! Well, for reasons I don’t fully understand, and ones I don’t intend to elaborate upon here, I haven’t really felt like taking part in any races recently, but let me tell you: My racing abstinence is about to come to an abrupt end!

I don’t know which distance I’m best at, but running a marathon always seems to have some strange appeal to me. Maybe it’s because it feels awesome to be capable of something that seems virtually impossible to most other people. I decided that I really wanted to complete at least one marathon this year, so I signed up for the Twin Cities Marathon which is held on October 6th. I’m not certain if I will be able to match last year’s personal best, but I know I will have a great time, and I’m confident that I can at least make a decent showing.

I had a fun time last September running the Dick Beardsley half marathon in Detroit Lakes, so I’m also planning on doing that race again this year. I set a personal best at that race, and although I don’t know if I’m capable of doing as well this year, I’m sure that at least I’ll have a fun time!

Next weekend, I am going to run a race that I haven’t been a part of yet, but one about which I’ve heard plenty in the blog “Confessions of a Former Fat Girl” written by my friend Celeste in Alexandria. My training plan calls for a 10K time trial next weekend, and “The Holy Moly Ole 10K” will fit in perfectly! Is that a great name or what!

I’m also going to sign up for Grand Fork’s own Wild Hog 5K race this year. I would like to patronize a race being held in my own home town, and even though it is the weekend before the Twin Cities Marathon, I think a 5K will fit in just fine. It may even give me a chance to run alongside one or more of the beginners I’ve been training each week. I remember how great I felt when I finished my first 5K, and would love to witness that same excitement again with my new friends!

Well, there you have it; a 10K next weekend, followed by a half marathon, a 5K and a full marathon; four official races in nine weeks! My times may be the best I’ve ever had, or they may my worst, and I don’t really care: I want to race, and by golly, that’s what I’m gonna do!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out, Jim!
    Sounds like you have a great schedule of races coming up. Good for you! And I bet you are going to do great! See you and Sue on Saturday! Best of luck in the Holy Moly Ole and all the rest of your races.

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