Holy Moly, Ole, What A Day!

Holy Moly, Ole, what a day!

Sue and I drove to Alexandria last night so I could participate in the Holy Moly Ole 10K race this morning. I felt a little under the weather, so while I still thought I would make a decent showing, I didn’t sense anything special on the horizon. When we arrived in town, we drove down to the Depot to see where the race would start, took a few pictures of “Big Ole,” the city’s huge statue of a Viking warrior, and checked into our hotel for the night.

We returned to the Depot early this morning, and were unexpectedly greeted by my new friend Sheri Steidl and her boyfriend Jason, who had come to Alexandria to run in the 15K race. Sheri had seen my post earlier in the week, checked out the race, and had decided to make the trip from West Fargo for an opportunity to run in a race of this rare distance.

I was expecting to see my fellow blogging friend Celeste Edenloff, and her husband Al, and they didn’t disappoint when they arrived a few minutes later. Celeste and I have a great deal in common, and I had planned on writing about our shared passions this evening, but that is going to have to wait just a bit. You see, something really big, something totally unexpected, occurred this morning, and I simply HAVE to write about that first! Something happened to me that has never happened before, and will likely never happen again: I won my first race! Yes, nobody of any age or sex ran the 6.2 miles 10K race faster than I did this morning, and I’m still in the clouds!

First of all, there were three races taking place this morning, a 5K, a 10K, and a 15K, and the 10K (which I ran) had the fewest number of participants with only 12. Secondly, the fastest runners in the area for some reason all opted to run in either the 5K or the 15K races, leaving the 10K open to a slower runner like me. Last of all, but the fact that I’m focusing on most, is I ran my best 10K race ever, breaking my previous personal record (PR) by more than 2 ½ minutes! My time of 44:48 was smoking fast for this old man who’s turning 50 next month! That’s an average pace of 7:13 minutes per mile, by the way!

So, in summary, this guy, who has never won anything in his life for athletic prowess, just had the most memorable athletic day of his life! Not only did he win first place for his age group, which has never happened before, he won first place for the entire race!

Holy Moly, Ole, what a day!

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