Running Is A Sport

Sport: noun, an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature, as racing, baseball, tennis, golf, bowling, wrestling, boxing, hunting, fishing, etc.” Dictionary.Com

There you have it; racing is a sport! Although people race cars, horses, dogs and most every other type of animal that can move, I think of human running as racing in its purest form. Virtually every culture throughout history has held foot races, and I imagine even prehistoric mankind engaged in similar activities. People still race today, although with so many different sports to choose from, running often gets lost in the shuffle.

As we get older, the sports we participate in tend to change due to our tendency to become more sedentary. Football, boxing and wrestling give way to golf, bowling and fishing largely due to the fact that our bodies can’t handle the same physical contact we can absorb when we are younger. This is perhaps the natural progression of things, but I can’t help but admire those that continue to remain extremely active well into their later years. There are many sports to choose from that get your body working, but none are as simple as running.

I believe running is an excellent way for any reasonably fit person to become even more fit, so I encourage people to begin the sport every chance I get. People tell me I’m special to be able to run at the age of 50, but I don’t believe that nonsense for a moment. While running a marathon requires extreme tenacity and stubbornness, two traits I possess in abundance, it takes nothing more than faith in your own abilities to walk/run a 5K; virtually everyone can do it. I tell people this as often as I can!

There’s someone new in town who’s also promoting physical activity in a highly visable way. The “Grand Forks Herald” has a new editor, Steve Wagner, and he’s a runner. He writes about it in his blog “Addicted to Running” and on the pages of the paper every chance he gets. “The Grand Forks Herald” has done a great job this season by both informing the public of upcoming races and by posting the results. Their coverage of Grand Fork’s own “Wild Hog Weekend” last month was fantastic! I commend the “Grand Forks Herald” for including running as a legitimate sport within their pages!

Running is a sport. Running is simple. Running is fun. Virtually anyone can run. Help spread the news!

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