The Many Names For Mitzie

We’ve had our little dog Mitzie for over a year now, and she’s become quite an interesting addition to our family. I’ve always had a tendency to give our pets nicknames, and Mitzie has had her share too. Let me share a few of them…

When we first got her, Mitzie could easily be cupped into one of my hands so her first nickname reflected her diminutive size. She was always neat, cute and petite so we called her Itsy Bitsy Mitzie.

Her neat streak ended abruptly last spring when she began feeling confident enough to start exploring our muddy yard. Not only did she frequently get dirty, she also began raising havoc with my plants. She pulled out so many of my transplanted seedlings that I had to start over, but I added a fence the second time around. Petunias, however, were her favorite, and our little war lasted well into July, with me continuing to try new ways to thwart her, and Mitzie finding new ways to tear them out and eat them. I eventually began calling her The Evil little Petunia Eating Dog, and learned to laugh rather than get angry at her determination!

Since Mitzie came to live with us, she has carefully studied our large dog Maxie, attempting to imitate her. Maxie thinks she’s a guard dog, and actually has become very good at her craft through years of practice. Mitzie, on the other hand, doesn’t ever seem to know what’s going on. She runs around the house like a crazy dog, barking when my computer makes any type of dinging sound. When Maxie is barking at people walking by our house, Mitzie can be seen barking too, only she’s in a different part of the yard with her attention fixed on some inanimate object like a flower pot. I frequently call her The Worst Guard Dog Ever!

We’ve had a difficult time locating a pet groomer this fall when “Petco” lost their one employee which was trained to groom Mitzie’s breed (whatever that may be). Mitzie’s coat has become extremely long and unmanageable, but tomorrow she finally will get it cut when “Petco” is sending their Fargo groomer up for the day. During the cold days we’ve had recently, I’ve enjoyed wiggling my fingers into her coat for a little warmth. I’ve now started calling her Warm Fuzzy. Too bad that will end tomorrow, but I’m sure she will quickly earn another new nickname: She always does!