Moving Forward In 2014 With Red River Runners Grand Forks

People say they want to be healthy. Many people embark each year on some type of New Year’s resolution that they hope will result in better health. While we all share this desire for healthier living, it certainly means different things to different people. If we look deep inside, we all know which item we should change, but for whatever the reason, most of us seem to keep struggling.

For many people, “exercising more” is their top resolution for 2014. I believe the current recommendation is that we should engage in 30 minutes of an aerobic type exercise at least three times a week. Aerobic exercises are ones that raise your heart rate and keep it there for an extended length of time; things like running, swimming and biking.

I too, have health related resolutions for 2014, but thanks to my friends at Red River Runners, staying active shouldn’t be one of them! I resolve to pay this debt forward by helping those in our community who desire to become more active reach their goals, whatever they may be. I’ve helped beginners get ready for their first 5K, and watching them cross the finish line, full of excitement, fills me with as much satisfaction as running the race myself! I’m anxious to start and keep many more people running in 2014!

Red River Runners Grand Forks is an organization filled with members devoted to helping others meet their aerobic exercise recommendation through running. Our members run, and some run often, but we also engage in other aerobic activities as well. One member recently spent two hours in a mixed martial arts class, part of which consisted of something called “submission grappling.” Red River Runners embrace an active lifestyle, and we encourage those around us to be active as well. It’s really special to see how friends help friends stay active by inviting them to try new activities.

I’ve posted many times that Red River Runners is the finest group of people I’ve ever been associated with. From that first day, four years ago, when I stumbled into one of their meetings, I knew I had found something extraordinary. I recently received a wind jacket with a “Red River Runners Grand Forks Crew” logo on the chest. While I realize the jacket was a “thank you” for the work I do with beginners, it somehow meant a little more: It identified me as a member of, ah, well, you know, “the crew!” I wore it with pride for the first time during our recent 2014 training kick off, and as always, felt honored to be associated with the great organization. Thank you Red River Runners!