Planning For Marathon # 7

Well, I’ve gone and done it again: I signed up for another race today! I’ll be competing in Grandma’s Marathon on June 21 in Duluth Minnesota. This will be my seventh marathon, and you know what they say about seven being a lucky number!

I love Duluth! Sue and I vacationed there many times when Carl was younger and the area is the source of many fond memories. This will be my first time running there however, but who knows, perhaps Duluth will once again become a frequent vacation destination for us.

A marathon is a long race, but it only takes a few hours to complete. The training is far and away the longer journey, and it’s what will ultimately determine whether I succeed or fail in my endeavor. I’ve already completed 8 weeks of “base building,” and tomorrow I begin my actual 16 week training plan. I’m feeling good, and staying healthy is important as I push towards the starting line.