My Mother’s Greatest Gift

Mothers are the most generous creatures God put on this planet. Mothers give to their children from the moment of conception; providing their own calcium for their child’s bones, their own protein for their child’s muscle, and their very blood to supply life for their children. Most mothers don’t even think about everything they give to their developing child, but every single one of them would do it anyway if given a choice: That’s just the way mothers are.

Mothers provide the initial gateway into this world, and then spend the rest of their lives helping their children explore and learn all about it. Mothers teach, and mothers care for, but most of all mothers love, and when I say love, I mean really love their children. It is an unconditional love that remains forever, no matter what.

My mother taught me to be gentle with my sisters, and to this day I feel protective of all the women in my life. My mother taught me to be curious and to always strive for answers, and I have spent my professional career working in human nutritional research. My mother taught me to never give up, and I learned to peddle a bicycle with one leg as a child, and now run marathons as an adult.

The most important lesson my mother taught me, however, was about what was inside of me. She always told me I was smart and was capable of doing anything in this world that I wanted to do, and for some reason I believed her. When people told me that I wasn’t smart or good enough, I always knew deep down that they were wrong. Mother gave me the courage to face life knowing that I would always find a way to succeed, and that is the greatest gift she gave me. Happy Mother’s Day Mom: I love you!

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  1. Mom

    You know I love you too! Thanks for the wonderful tribute, I thank God for giving me such a great son!

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