It’s Race Week!

I’m running Grandma’s Marathon this Saturday, and as usual, I’m starting to feel both nervous and excited.

I’m nervous because like always, there are so many things that are unknown. I’ve been training since January, but missed some time due to back issues: How will that affect me? I have some nagging aches and pains that I’ve managed to work through, but will one of them get worse during the course of 26 miles and cause me to drop out? Will the temperature be overly warm? Will it be muggy, windy, or raining? What will the race course be like?

Then there is the excitement. I’ve trained hard, and a PR is certainly possible. I’m experiencing the effects of my taper and am beginning to feel rested and energized. I love Duluth, and am looking forward to a fun few days with Sue, her cousin Nancy, and her husband Jim.

All of these things are going through my mind every few hours along with thoughts of fueling and my eventual choice of running gear. Throw in a busy week at work, and you can understand why I’ve been extremely absent minded. I even forgot to bring my running watch to the UND Wellness Center tonight for my workout. At least come Saturday, all I’ll have to remember is “left foot, right foot, repeat.” Speaking of feet; I hope I don’t forget my shoes!

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