2014 Firecracker 5K

I competed in the Firecracker 5K race on Friday morning right here in Grand Forks. The race is an annual event held each 4th of July, and is put on by the YMCA. I posted a decent time last weekend in Grafton’s Summer Fest 5K and was anxious to see if I could improve on it this weekend closer to home.

I had been having a lot of pain in the side of my face this week, and ended up having a root canal on an upper molar Thursday afternoon. I feared that several days of pain, topped off by an hour of white knuckles in a dentist chair, would take its toll on my running ability and I would be hard pressed to match my Grafton showing.

The weather was beautiful, so despite my sore mouth, I decided to push for a personal record (PR) anyway. I started out fast, at a sub seven minute mile pace, and was amazed that as the race progressed, I was able to keep it going. I finished the 3.1 miles in 21 minutes and 3 seconds, good enough for a new PR!

I finished 12th out of 152 finishers overall, but more importantly, I was the top finisher (out of 12) in the 50-59 year old men division. I even received a medal and a $10 Scheels Gift Certificate! This was the first time I’ve ever won money from running, and I must admit, it was very thrilling! When I got home and told Sue that I wanted to quit my job so I could pursue even greater glory, she just smiled and said that I would always be her favorite 50-59 year old man!