Run Like A Girl

“You run like a girl!” was quite the insult when I was younger. That was, however, many years ago, and before I became part of the North Dakota/Minnesota running community. I now know many fine runners who just also happen to be girls…

There’s Jessica, Miriam, Holly, Auralee, Stacy, Anne-Marie, Rachel, Barb, Jane, Teresa, Joan, Margo, Leslie, Robyn, Julie, Denae, Megan, Leah, Laura and Erin. Of course there’s also Celeste, Kristin, Sheri, Becky, Susan, KaLonny, Claudia, Shannon, Judy, Marie, Kayla, Stephanie, Doni, Heather, Suzie, Melissa, Natasha, LeAnn and Elizabeth. I’d be foolish to not also mention Nicole, Amanda, Sharmon, Peggie, Marla, Ana, Kim, Tori, Mandy, Emily and Jennifer. And who could ever forget Whitney, Maggie, Cathi, Jolie, Amy, Alicia, Michelle, Karyn and Jill!

Yesterday, there was an “all-woman’s” 5K/10K walk/run held in Grand Forks as a fund raiser for Sarah’s Covenant Homes and Stable Days Youth Ranch. 120 women took part in the “Diva Dash” on a beautiful early August Saturday morning, and judging by the pictures in today’s “Grand Forks Herald,” they had a fun time!

I was out on the Greenway later in the morning and found dozens of purple feathers as well as a set of purple beads. It seems like these “Diva Dash” girls were running so fast that they were losing the feathers and jewelry off their costumes. Now, that’s fast!

Speaking of fast… Grand Forks Central student Rachel Cox won the 5K (3.1 miles) event with a time of 19:33! This young lady posted an average pace of 6 minutes and 18 seconds per mile! Run like a girl? Don’t I wish…

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