2016 Running Recap

2016 was a great year of physical activity for me and my family, highlighted by running with Carl as he trained for and ran his first marathon. Here’s a recap of the year:

I ended up running 1,719 miles in 2016, the most I’ve ever completed in a year! On July 30th I celebrated my 10,000th mile since I began running in 2009.

Table Run 5K, March 26th, 21 minutes and 19 seconds

This was a 5K time trial to challenge Carl and I as we trained for Grandma’s. I was happy with my time in the cold wind, but better yet, Carl beat me, and both him and Sue came away with new PR’s!

2π 10K, April 23rd, 45 minutes and 22 seconds

This was our 10K time trial as we continued training for Grandma’s. I set a new PR, placed second overall, and won a pie for my efforts.

Fargo Half Marathon, May 21st, 1 hour, 59 minutes and 22 seconds

This was our half marathon time trial as we inched ever closer to Grandma’s starting line. Carl learned a valuable lesson about pre-race nutrition during what I now call “the bacon race!”

Grandma’s Marathon, June 18th, 4 hours, 50 minutes and 49 seconds

My slowest marathon, but by far my most memorable! Carl and I braved brutally hot temperatures and dealt with sunburn, heat exhaustion and dehydration before eventually crossing the finish line.

Firecracker 5K, July 4th, 20 minutes, 42 seconds

Sue and I both took part in this race, with me breaking the 21-minute mark, setting a new PR, and winning my age division!

Larimore Days 5K, July 14th, 21 minutes, 35 seconds

I’ve been meaning to take part in this race for a few years. The weather was favorable this year so I decided to make the trip. Lots of fast people in Larimore made this a fun event.

Dick Beardsley Half Marathon, September 10th, 1 hour, 40 minutes, 6 seconds

The nice race day conditions led to a new PR in what has become my favorite half marathon.

Twin Cities Marathon, October 9th, 3 hours, 55 minutes, 41 seconds

My favorite marathon course; I absolutely love running this race! I had high expectations this year, believing I had worked hard enough to earn a PR at the marathon distance, but ended up falling 10 minutes short. Sue ran the 5K Saturday morning and smashed her PR by over two minutes!

END-Trails, October 30th

This was my first time running this 12-hour relay race, which is very popular among my running friends. I ran three trail loops through Turtle River State Park, each 6.5 miles long, helping team “Three Men and a Barbie” place 2nd overall. It was a fun experience with Brian, Barb, Andrew and all the other Red River Runners taking part.

In addition to running, I also spent a lot of time on my bike, commuting to work as often as my schedule and weather would allow. I tallied up 1,052 miles this year with my most enjoyable ride being with Sue at Itasca State Park in September! This was by far the most miles I’ve biked in a year since I began in 2013.

Personal records at the 5K, 10K and half marathon distances were exciting. Mileage PRs for running and biking were nice as well. A marathon PR was the only goal I didn’t make last year, but that was the one I wanted most of all. Anyway, the PRs are all nice but getting to train and run races with my family and friends has made all this physical activity more rewarding than I ever thought possible. Getting to be at my son’s side as he crossed the finish line for his first marathon was certainly one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Thank you Carl and Sue for making this year one I’ll never forget!