Still Loving Sue

I’m a big fan of hard, pulsing rock and roll music. When I listen, it fills me with energy that’s hard to resist and within a few measures I start moving along with it. If the lyrics speak to me, the song becomes even more powerful and I usually want to sing along. Most of my favorite Rock ‘n Roll bands though, have also recorded slower songs on occasion. While these “Rock Ballads” may lack some of the energy their faster paced brethren emit, they frequently make up for it with even more intense lyrics.

This summer Sue and I traveled to Montana for my nephew Sam’s wedding. During the dance, they had one of those “Wedding Anniversary” dances: You know, the kind where every married couple starts out dancing, and they all slowly exit the floor based on their years of marriage. After a minute they ask all that have been married five years or less to sit down. Then a few minutes later they ask those married 10 years or less to sit down. They keep going until there are usually just the grand-parents remaining.

Sue and I were going to celebrate our 31st Anniversary in a month, so when they had those married 30 years or less leave the floor, we got to remain, along with only a handful of other couples. Of course, we were dancing a song that was probably recorded long before we were born, so perhaps we looked just a little out of place.

The DJ was taking requests, so immediately after we left the dance floor, I went to request one of our favorite rock ballads from when we were dating, “Still Loving You” by “The Scorpions.” When the song began playing a little while later, this old married couple took the floor and began swaying to the music!

After a few minutes, we were the only couple dancing, but we didn’t care as we continued on in our own little world, staring deeply into each other’s eyes. The lyrics speak of a love that has been lost, and they fill me with intense emotions every time I hear them. I think about how lost I would be without the love of my dear Sue, and it just makes me want to hug her a little tighter and never let her go. Sometime during the song, I became a little choked up and got a tear in my eye. We’ve been through so much together, both wonderful and difficult, and here we still were, not only standing, but standing together. I’m still loving you, Sue!

Still Loving You Original Video