Frozen Feat Lindy Birds

It’s mid-February in Grand Forks, so you know what that means, right? Yes, it’s time for Frozen Feat!

Frozen Feat has been going strong for 10 years thanks to all the hard work put in by the race director, Stacy Kusler, and the countless volunteers who seem to make it run smoothly year after year. There are of course both a 5K and a 10K race, but because the race is always near Valentine’s Day, there is also a unique competition to Frozen Feat called the “Love Birds.”

To take part in the Love Bird competition, two people sign up for the same race, come up with a team name, and check the “Love Bird” box on the entry form. The love birds don’t need to run together; the race officials just add the times of the two participants together to determine the team’s time, and then a winner.

I’ve taken part in six of the past Frozen Feat events as either an individual runner or as a volunteer, but this year Sue wanted to run the race for the first time. I was thrilled that she was finally going to take part in this wonderful event, but I also saw an opportunity to finally enter the Love Bird competition. Sue agreed to be my teammate and after some discussion about team names, we finally came up with “The Lindy Birds.”

Frozen Feat was yesterday and although the temperatures were positively delightful for February, the recent melting and freezing had left ice everywhere, making the footing treacherous! The Lindy Birds were the oldest couple in the Love Bird competition, but age has its advantages so we knew to wear ice cleats over our running shoes (plus we didn’t want to fall). The cleats certainly made our feet heavier, but being able to maintain a steady pace on ice patches covered with water gave us perhaps a slight advantage.

We both stayed on our feet for the entire time (a win in our books) and the Lindy Birds placed 16th out of 30 Love Bird pairs with a time of 61 minutes, 56 seconds. Not too bad for being the oldest! Individually, I placed first in the men’s 50-59 age division with a time of 22:44, and Sue had a very nice time of 39:12. We certainly had a fun day and were still using our team chant long after the race was over! YEEEEEAH, Lindy-Birds!