Every Time I Think Of You

Every time I think of you
It always turns out good

I found Sue on a special Fall evening in 1983. From the first time I asked her to dance, I knew she was unlike anyone I had ever met before. I thought about Sue night and day and wondered if she would ever be willing to go out with me. After we began seeing each other, I still thought about her night and day, counting the minutes until our next date. Once we became serious, I still thought about her night and day, hoping my family would grow to love her like I did. It turned out good…

Every time I’ve held you
I though you understood

When school was finished that Spring, I had to go home and help my Dad plant the crop. I wrapped both my arms around this young lady I had fallen hopelessly in love with, not wanting to let go, knowing it could be months until we might see each other again. Sue sent me off, telling me she understood…

People say a love like ours
Will surely pass

I had just turned 21 years old when I asked Sue to marry me that Fall, and she said “Yes!” My family had indeed grown to love Sue and welcomed her as one of their own. Sue’s family had likewise opened their arms to warmly embrace me. Some of my friends however, thought 21 was too young to be settling down. The men I worked with in the Army National Guard were especially critical of my plans for marriage. Many of them told stories of falling in love when they were young like me, getting married, then having things slowly fall apart. They said that a young love like Sue and I shared would surely pass…

But I know a love like ours
Will last and last

Today marks our 32nd Wedding Anniversary. We were married young, but we somehow keep it going. There are days when Sue irritates me to my very core, but there are also days when I know that my life has been richly blessed because she chose to be a part of it. After all we’ve been through and survived, there’s no doubt that a love like ours will last and last…

This picture is from Sue’s first visit to the farm to meet my Dad in 1984. We were celebrating my sister Angie’s confirmation.

This song and video, “Every Time I Think of You” by “The Baby’s” is dedicated to my beautiful wife Sue in honor of our 32nd Wedding Anniversary! I love you Sweetheart!