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Firecracker 5K 2015

Today was the Fire Cracker 5K race in downtown Grand Forks. I’ve taken part in this race several times, but today was going to be the best one yet because both Sue and Carl were going to be joining me! … Continue reading

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Grandma’s Marathon 2015

Back in January I decided that I wanted Grandma’s Marathon to be the ninth of my career. The training cycle ended up being my best yet. I felt fantastic throughout and got in virtually every scheduled workout, even a couple … Continue reading

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The History of the Eagles

Sue asked me a couple of months ago if I wanted to go see the Eagles when they came to Grand Forks to play at the Alerus Center. I wasn’t sure, so I told her I would need to think … Continue reading

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Mr. Buen

Everyone has people which touch their lives. There are those that are with us our entire lives like parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts, but there are also those that are with us for a much shorter time, like teachers. I’ve … Continue reading

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Pancakes and Boston Marathon Finishers

Red River Runners holds a pancake breakfast each spring to celebrate all of the training miles members put in training for their various races. Runners in Grand Forks have many different ways of dealing with the harsh winters and we … Continue reading

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2015 Boston Marathon

Running is a competitive sport, but unlike many other sports, runners compete primarily against themselves rather than against others. This type of competition rarely leads to hated rivalries like those that form within other sports, but instead leads to a … Continue reading

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Perfectly Healthy?!

Everyone dreads going into see the doctor for their annual physical, right? We all know what we should be doing, and we resent our doctor telling us what we already know. You should lose weight. You should quit smoking. You … Continue reading

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I try to get the watercolor paints out at least once a year in my Sunday School class. The kids always enjoy using them, and as a teacher I can use the project to fill a little time when we … Continue reading

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The Augustana Rainbow

1997 was a year that Grand Forks will never forget. When the flood of the millennium ravaged our city, everything in its path was either damaged or destroyed. Augustana Lutheran, the little church in downtown Grand Forks that I call … Continue reading

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American Sniper

Sue and I enjoyed a stop at River Cinema this evening to see “American Sniper.” The film, directed by Clint Eastwood, is a biographical account of Chris Kyle, a decorated Navy Seal who served four tours of duty in Iraq. … Continue reading

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