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New Rivals for the Bison

Another Saturday edition of the Grand Forks Herald, and another little jab at Bison Football from the Herald’s Sports Editor Wayne Nelson… “Debate in Fargo this week centers on NDSU students not using their full allotment of tickets. That’s surprising … Continue reading

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Twin Cities Marathon 2014

I completed Grandma’s Marathon in late June, and after taking it easy for a week, started training again for the Twin Cities Marathon on October 5. My first week was highlighted by an emergency root canal, followed by a 5K … Continue reading

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2014 Wild Hog 5K

We started back in early July; inviting people to join Red River Runners and take part in our Beginner’s Running Group (BRG). We met for the first week at Lincoln Park with about 15 interested people showing up. We walked … Continue reading

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Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a problem in Grand Forks, and everywhere else, for that matter. As a frequent runner and bicycle rider, I see it daily, and it scares me! I’ve recently witnessed people talking on phones, texting, actively engaged in … Continue reading

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Run Like A Girl

“You run like a girl!” was quite the insult when I was younger. That was, however, many years ago, and before I became part of the North Dakota/Minnesota running community. I now know many fine runners who just also happen … Continue reading

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New Thoughts About The University of North Dakota

I’ve had strong connections to North Dakota State University my entire life. Dad worked with the agronomists at the University for years raising foundation seed: Many of the 50 lb bags of seed we would empty into our drill each … Continue reading

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2014 Firecracker 5K

I competed in the Firecracker 5K race on Friday morning right here in Grand Forks. The race is an annual event held each 4th of July, and is put on by the YMCA. I posted a decent time last weekend … Continue reading

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Grandma’s Marathon

I spent Friday night with Sue, Jim, and Nancy in a dorm suite at the College of St. Scholastica in Duluth. In the morning, Jim drove me to the area where the buses were waiting and I boarded one at … Continue reading

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It’s Race Week!

I’m running Grandma’s Marathon this Saturday, and as usual, I’m starting to feel both nervous and excited. I’m nervous because like always, there are so many things that are unknown. I’ve been training since January, but missed some time due … Continue reading

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I Love Summer!

I’m a boy of summer. Here in Grand Forks, where hockey is the greatest thing ever, it’s not the boys of summer, but rather the boys of winter whom we hold in high esteem. It does make sense that we … Continue reading

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