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The Race Will Go On!

This is America, and even with our problems, we are still the greatest nation on earth! What makes us special? There is much that set us apart from other nations, but I think what is the most significant is the … Continue reading

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Shoot to Thrill

AC/DC; while some people may not care for their glorification of alcohol, sex, and fast living, their energetic style of rock ‘n roll is undoubtedly popular. Nothing gets my pulse racing like some Malcolm Young power chords and AC/DC’s “Back … Continue reading

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The Holly Hustle

Winter running is a challenge in Grand Forks. Snow covered sidewalks create uneven surfaces which can lead to twisted ankles. Icy surfaces cause slips and falls, especially when they’re hidden underneath the snow. Sub zero temperatures and wind chills make … Continue reading

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Picking Maxie

Our family loves dogs. Sue and I got our first puppy, Jedda, soon after we purchased our house. Lucy followed two years later. By the time Carl came along, both of these dogs were fully entrenched as members of our … Continue reading

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Planning for Marathon # 7

Well, I’ve gone and done it again: I signed up for another race today! I’ll be competing in Grandma’s Marathon on June 21 in Duluth Minnesota. This will be my seventh marathon, and you know what they say about seven … Continue reading

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More Bad News About Smoking

Cigarettes are bad for your health; just plain and simple! I read a non-scientific article last week claiming even third hand cigarette exposure is hazardous to your health. I must admit I didn’t know what third hand exposure was, but … Continue reading

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Super Bowl XLVIII Thoughts

It’s Super Bowl Sunday! It’s been 37 years since my Minnesota Vikings have played in the big game. It’s been almost that long since I’ve really cared who won. It’s been about that long since I jumped up and down … Continue reading

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Moving Forward in 2014 with Red River Runners Grand Forks

People say they want to be healthy. Many people embark each year on some type of New Year’s resolution that they hope will result in better health. While we all share this desire for healthier living, it certainly means different … Continue reading

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Family Time at the UND Wellness Center

Families do all kinds of things together. We laugh together. We eat together. We worship together. We travel together. We go to movies together. We work through problems together. Today, we tried something new for the first time: We worked … Continue reading

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Congratulations Jon Jensen

I’ve mentioned on numerous occasions that Red River Runners is the finest group of people I’ve ever been associated with. Part of what makes the organization so dynamic is the wide range of career paths represented by its membership. Well, … Continue reading

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